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​​​The Woods of Landis Lakes is a warm and welcoming community located in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky.  

We encourage you to visit this site often to learn what's going on in and around our neighborhood.

​​                     Neighborhood Reminders

  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Clean up after your pets when walking in the neighborhood.
  • Cars should not be left parked on streets overnight.
  • Trash containers should be kept from view from the street and from neighbors except on the day of trash collection.
  • All lots should be free from trash and otherwise neat and attractive in appearance especially during this active growing season.
  • Permits must be obtained from the Woods of Landis Lakes Board for swimming pools, awnings, swing sets, hot tubs, in-ground basketball goals, fences, walls or any other lot improvements.
  • Sidewalks should be kept clear and any limbs overhanging onto driveways or sidewalks properly trimmed to allow for easy and safe access to sidewalks.
  • Always drive at a safe speed for the safety of the children, residents, and guests in the neighborhood.

​​Woods of Landis Lakes

Homeowners Association

Your Ideas Needed

Please feel free to let us know if there are specific items or ideas you would like us to include on the website.

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Kentucky Realty Corporation

The Board has voted to engage an outside management firm to take over some of the duties currently being handled voluntarily by current Board members. Some of the duties the management company will oversee include:

Select and administer annual vendor contracts:

Landscaping – including refreshing beds in spring with mulch, planting flowers, and trimming bushes on an annual basis
Irrigation Systems – including overall maintenance, the spring start-up and fall shutdown of the sprinkler systems for all common areas
Mowing – including mowing the entrances and all common areas on a scheduled that will maintain the appropriate appearance of our neighborhood
Snow Removal – including appropriate snow and ice removal on all neighborhood roads and cul-de-sacs
Lawn Care – including fertilization and weed/insect treatment of grass, shrubs, and bushes at front entrances and all common areas
Pond Maintenance – including the treatment of water to reduce and/or eliminate aquatic vegetation to reduce any odor issues.
Administer and Enforce Neighborhood Bylaws and Covenants

  • Restrictions  associated with on-street parking or other bylaw infractions
  • Proper care and upkeep of property - lawn, landscape bed maintenance, dead tree removal, etc.
  • Prior approval of structural changes, fences, outbuildings, driveway modifications, etc.
  • Collection on an past due accounts

Oversee Routine Maintenance and Special Projects

Contact Darren Harris - with any questions or concerns.

       2020  ​​​​​​​Pool Opening Update 

After a lot of back and forth information coming from those in charge in Frankfort, the Landis Lakes Recreation Board has decided to open the pool, starting Monday, June 8 with daily operating hours from 11:00am - 8:00pm. The adult only swim times from 10:00am - 11:00am on the weekends have been discontinued for this season. While the pool is still restricted for lane swimming only, we can now open more of our lanes from the previously restricted number. Since our lifeguards will be staffed for this month, should the restrictions be lifted to allow for more traditional swimming in July (or hopefully later this month), we will be ready.

Originally, we had looked at an online reservation system for the lanes, but thought it may be better to just allow a more "first come / first serve" process and to just monitor how this goes. Reserving for an hour or two online seemed somewhat wasteful and more work intensive to monitor, as it seemed unlikely that someone would actually "lane swim" that entire time. The LLRA Board thought it better to allow those that show up, to let them swim for awhile and then as soon as they are out, someone else can take a turn. We may resort to using a signup clipboard at the check-in table if needed to better manage the process.

The pool has to operate at 33% capacity, which is uncommon we ever exceeded that during non-holidays in past pool seasons. The lawn chairs are situated with the right number and proper spacing, that if every chair is occupied, we will be at 33%. You can expect to have your temperature taken before entering the pool and if in the normal range, your attendance will be taken with the Memberment app, which is required to enter the pool. You will be asked to observe the distancing and sanitary guidelines posted at the pool and the guards can explain more of the procedures when you arrive. There will be 30-minute sanitation periods from 1:00 - 1:30, 3:30 - 4:00, and 6:00 - 6:30. During these periods, people must vacate the pool deck, and if there is a line for entry into the pool for the next swim session, we ask that those that have already used the pool that day get to the back of the line to allow others to have their turn. If there is still space (seating) available, then those that have used the pool earlier can regain entrance. So if you are coming to swim or layout, it would be best not to come right before the disinfection periods begin.

One more thing to note, is that guest passes are not allowed this season (as for now). This is to try and limit the population that uses the pool to those that live directly in this community. If that changes later in the summer, we will send out a communication.
Hopefully these restrictions will be lifted towards the end of this month and we can return to traditional pool operations. Thanks for your patience as we work through these uncharted waters. Feel free to email the board with any questions -

Your LLRA Board of Directors,
Mike Grane - Academy Ridge Representative
Carrie Ritsert - Woods of Landis Lakes Representative
Mark Snyder - Landis Lakes Representative

​June 8, 2020